Alcatel 2008G

& IZI Vračilo Plan

49 € (incl. VAT)

Unlimited communication within the Telekom Slovenije mobile network, using an excellent phone and paying only for the amount of data which you actually use.

up to 7 GB in Slovenia and EU-rate countries
unlimited calls to IZI users
unlimited calls within the Telekom Slovenije mobile network
3000 units in Slovenia and abroad

no lock-in period, no subscription
super-fast LTE/4G Internet without additional charge

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Alcatel 2008G

main camera
with 2 MP resolution

Alcatel 2008G is an extremely useful mobile primarily intended for older users. It features a large keypad, a large screen and a simple user-friendly interface. The menus and functions have been carefully selected since the phone contains only the ones, which you really need: voice-on-touch feature, alarm clock, calendar, notes, FM-radio, LED light, camera, etc. On the back side of the phone there is an SOS key for emergency calls and sending of SOS messages. The set also includes a charging station and a powerful removable 1400 mA h battery are also included in the set.

  • Call time: up to 960 min
  • 16 MB of built-in memory (up to 5 MB available to the user)
  • 8 MB RAM
  • manufacturer’s OS
  • single core 360 MHz processor
  • Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • emergency calls key

IZI Vračilo Plan

Receive back money for unused GB of data

After 30 days we reimburse you the unused GB of data in the form of credit to your IZI account (1 GB = 1 EUR).

Fixed monthly cost

Fixed monthly price without additional costs for total control over your expenditure.

LTE/4G without additional charge

Is the waiting »killing« you? Switch on your LTE/4G connection and live a life without limitations with the fastest mobile experience up to now.

Simple charging by SMS

In case of adequate credit you can charge your or other users’ accounts.

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