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Servicesin Slovenia

Check the Pricelist of all IZI services (Slovenian version).

All prices are VAT inclusive. The pricelist is effective from September 1st 2023. The charging interval for international calls from Slovenia is 60/60.

Calls and SMS/MMS to international numbers

For international calls we recommend the IZI Brez meja plan with low cost calls from Slovenia to international numbers. Find the prices for calls to any destination here.


When crossing the border, turn on roaming services and communicate at a lower cost.

To use the services abroad you will need enough credit on your IZI account. To use GPRS in roaming, the service must be pre-activated. For setting up a GPRS session, the minimum balance on the account must be EUR 2.5.

When receiving MMS messages outside the EU territory, the data roaming charges apply.

Some US operators charge incoming and outgoing calls when the phone starts to ring. These calls are charged according to the valid pricelist.

While roaming in the US, we suggest using the USIM card.

When roaming with a standard calling, prices for calls also apply to data transfer via a classic data connection (CSD).

Calls to foreign free-of-charge, commercial and premium numbers are charged at a price of EUR 6 per min (VAT included).

With the EU Regulation, we have activated data transfer limits in the EU and other foreign countries for all IZI users. The basic limit is EUR 60 per month (VAT included).

If the foreign operator supports outgoing calls in the CAMEL protocol, also incoming calls as well as sending and receiving SMS messages are enabled. If the foreign operator does not support CAMEL protocol, you can only receive calls and SMS messages.

Telekom Slovenije, d.d. is not responsible for the level and quality of services in the foreign networks.


A new SIM card costs EUR 2.95. The expense is deducted from your IZI account credit. Be sure to have enough credit on your IZI account. In case the credit cannot be added to your IZI account (theft, lost, damaged SIM) call our IZI Customer Care on 051 800 800 (+386 51 800 800). Find the form for issuing a new SIM card with the existing number here.

In the event of a complaint, the original SIM card should be attached to the form for issuing a new SIM card due to invisible damage.

Call forwarding to your voicemail is free-of-charge in Slovenia. Calling to the voicemail to check the messages is also free-of-charge in Slovenia. When calling 041 107 000, standard call charges apply. In EU countries diverting calls to the voicemail is free-of-charge. Calls to your voicemail are charged according to the Eurotarrif pricelist. When abroad, diverting calls to voicemail is charged according to the valid pricelist. When someone calls you and leaves a message in your voicemail, an incoming call is charged by call duration. The outgoing call to Slovenia is charged according to the international operator’s pricelist. In the case of unconditional divert, the incoming call is not charged. When checking the messages in the voicemail, a call to Slovenia by call duration is charged.